That Was Quick: CCC to Debate Draft Regulations Each Day Week of Dec. 11

Statehouse News (sub. req.) reports that the Cannabis Control Commission will unveil draft regulations for public discussion the week of December 11. The CCC plans to hold meetings every day that week to discuss and debate draft regulations, then vote the following week. Following publication of the Draft Regulations, the CCC would – as required by state law – accept public comments before debating final regulations. … More

DPH Finalizes Long-Awaited Regulation Amendments

The long awaited amendments to the medical marijuana regulations are finally final.  The draft amendments to 105 CMR 725.000, Implementation of an Act for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana, were made available for comment more than a year ago.  The amendments accomplish much, such as allowing certified nurse practitioners to certify qualifying patients, certifying institutional caregivers without individual employee certification, streamlining and bifurcating the application/registration process for RMDs,… More

DPH Releases Nonprofit Conversion Guidance

The Department of Public Health this week released guidance that paves the way for RMDs, which prior to the new legislation adopted this summer had to be organized as not-for-profit corporations under Chapter 180, to convert to for-profit corporate entities. The green light from DPH is a blessing for RMDs who, by virtue of the nonprofit requirement, were forced to adopt complex corporate structures. The Guidance can be found here.… More

Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment Extended Again

One Day after being ruled “out of order” by House leadership, Marijuana Business Daily is reporting that the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment has been extended in the House Budget and temporary hurricane aid package through December 2017.

Since 2015, the Amendment has been consistently attached to federal spending measures passing Congress and signed by the President. The Amendment prohibits the Department of Justice from expending any funds to enforce any law that interferes with a state’s implementation of its own medical marijuana laws.… More

High Security: How to Minimize Marijuana Data Risks

As we’ve blogged in the past, the cannabis industry is particularly susceptible to cyberattacks. With threats like a federal crackdown and workplace drug testing, customers have a vested interest in keeping their information private. Unfortunately, the newly-legal cannabis industry has limited experience with data security. While traditional industries have the benefit of expertise and mature regulatory oversight to foster best cybersecurity practices, the cannabis industry is largely forging its own path.… More

Chair of CCC is Named

State House News is reporting that Treasurer Deb Goldberg has named former Bain and Company partner Steven Hoffman as Chair of the about-to-be-formed Cannabis Control Commission. When all is said and done, the CCC will regulate all things cannabis in the Commonwealth, including the regulated adult use market and the existing medical marijuana program. Like Gov. Baker’s pick, former Sen. Jennifer Flanagan, Mr. Hoffman voted against Question 4 in November.… More

Gov. Charlie Baker Makes First Pick for Marijuana Commission

Gov. Charlie Baker’s first pick for the five-member Cannabis Control Commission is Sen. Jennifer Flanagan, a Leominster Democrat. Notably, Flanagan voted against the 2016 ballot question legalizing adult use cannabis in Massachusetts, telling the Lowell Sun that she was concerned about the “many unknowns and unanswered questions about what this would mean for the Commonwealth.” She has also made substance abuse prevention and treatment one of her main focuses in the Legislature.… More

Watch: New Massachusetts Cannabis Law – What it Means

Governor Charlie Baker has recently signed a bill that substantially reworks the voter-approved 2016 referendum legalizing a regulated market for adult-use cannabis – and now licensing of adult use establishments is just eight short months away.

Foley Hoag presented a webinar that examines the recent changes to the Massachusetts regulatory framework for both medical and adult use operators enacted by the Legislature in its omnibus cannabis legislation, Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017.

Topics include:

  • The registration and licensing process for cannabis businesses in Massachusetts;
  • The process that medical marijuana entities will need to follow to convert from a non-profit entity to a for-profit entity; and
  • What we anticipate in the months ahead from the Commonwealth’s newest regulator, the Cannabis Control Commission.


Click here to download a copy of the materials.